Class II
Class II
Class II


Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) are primary engineering control that protects user, product and environment from biohazards and vapors (if ducted). The principle of Biosafety cabinets is about creating an inflow to protect the operator by exhausting air from cabinet through HEPA / ULPA filter. Most Biosafety cabinets also offer product protection from room contaminants.


Biosafety Cabinets can be used for the following applications: Microbiology, Cell/ Tissue Culture, Forensics, Clinical Lab, Diagnostic Lab, Toxicology Lab, Cancer Research, Drug compounding, etc.

Types Of BSC

  • Class I - Rudimentary Design Provides operator and environment protection only.
  • Class II - Common and general purpose Design -70% air recirculation; 30% air exhaustion.
  • Type A1 - Have a positively-pressurized plenum.
  • Type A2 - Uses negative pressure to prevent leakage.
  • Type B1 - Ducted cabinets. -70% air recirculation; 30% air exhaustion.
  • Type B2 - Ducted cabinets. 100% air exhaustion.
  • Class III - Gas tight cabinets for absolute safety. Used for handling lethal biohazards.


Airstream Class I BSC AC1
Airstream Class II BSC AC2 Gen 3
Airstream_Class II A2_AC2-NS
Labculture_Class II BSC_LA2-E
Airstream Class II B2_AB2
Labculture_Class II B2 BSC_LB2
Airstream_Class III BSC_ AC3